'Perfect State' Wins The Special Jury 'Remi' Best Sci-Fi Award

23/04/2015 by Ryan

'Perfect State' wins the Special Jury 'Remi' Best Sci-Fi Award at Houston WorldFest 2015.

Tim and I have just returned from our little jaunt out to Houston, Texas. WorldFest is the world's longest-running indie film festival. It began life in 1968 and its founder Hunter Todd is still going strong and doing a brilliant job of running this unique event.

We had a great time and managed to network in between the jet-lag. Our new best buddies are Parker Widemire, Jason Giacopelli and Herschel Weingrod. We loved their short film 'Last Wishes', which won the 'Remi' for Best Dramatic Short.

In between all the celebrating, Tim and I were a little blown away when we realised that Herschel was the co-writer of one of the greatest screenplays ever written. TRADING PLACES!!! Well, in our opinion anyway. Cue endless quoting from the slightly star-struck Brits across the Hilton cocktail lounge. "And he stepped on the ball!"..."I'm a karate man...and a karate man bleed on da inside!"..."One dollar! Maybe I'll go to the movies. By myself." Yes, the Brits had most definitely arrived.

It was great to win the award and even more amazing to see Tim wearing a jacket and tie, off-setting his new white trainers.