Perfect State

13/05/2014 by Tim

Those who follow our movements closely will know about our film, Perfect State. Well, I’m pleased to say we’ve finally finished it. For those not familiar with the project, it’s a darkly comic look at as dystopian Britain of the near future and it features great performances from the likes of Miles Jupp, Ben Jones and our very own Ryan ‘The Hunter’ Philpott.

It’s been a real labour of love for everyone involved. We’ve begged, borrowed and stolen time over the past few years to get it done, whilst also delivering our more day to day content at the same time (The stuff that actually pays our bills).
Thanks to everyone involved, all the actors, cast and crew and particularly those who donated their time to the PS post-production cause. You are all class.

It’ll be hitting the festival circuit soon and we’ll be arranging a screening for all involved in the very near not quite so dystopian future. Hopefully we can thank everyone involved in person over a beer or two.