The Final Episode Of The Football Mavericks

28/05/2015 by Jim

Well the final episode of TFM has aired and we are overwhelmed by the response we've had. The viewing figured have been great, the reaction on social media has been incredible and the amount of press coverage we've had has been terrific. It seems to have really struck a chord in terms of it's editorial.

It's been apparent for a long time that people were looking for answers as to why England's football team has failed to succeed on the biggest stage and we think they've appreciated the conclusions this series has offered. It is just one theory, of course, but it's a valid one considering the culture that has surrounded the FA. Having previously produced the documentary Clough we had prior knowledge of how 'old big ed's' failure to be selected as England Manager had impacted England's future, but after researching The Football Mavericks it became obvious to us how much greater the FA's conservative decision-making has impacted on the English game. Let's hope lessons can be learned and English football can truly move on, it's just a shame we never saw the best of the likes of Hudson, Osgood and Hoddle in the three lions of England.

Anyway, we're really proud of the The Mavericks and hopefully we'll be back for another series…