The Football Mavericks

30/01/2015 by Jim

So here we are, a new year and we're about to embark on the possibly Deadpan's biggest broadcast project to date - The Football Mavericks. Commissioned by our good friends at ITV4, this will be a brand new 3 part documentary series.

So how did we get here and what's it all about?…
Well, back in 2013 a great friend of ours brought to our attention the story of the Maverick players of the 1970s - Osgood, Hudson, Bowles, Marsh, George, Currie and Worthington. Considered by many to be the most talented players of their generation, these guys were largely ignored by the FA establishment because of their off-field antics… and when you look at the current state of the English national team this got us all thinking about legacy.

If a generation's worth of flair and talent was ignored, what inspiration is there for future generations and has that fear of the Maverick continued?? All questions we hope to answer in the series. Stay tuned.